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What we do?

Welcome to Mateverse: The Machine Learning Platform engineered for business professionals.Use Mateverse to craft tailored Machine Learning and Deep Learning models in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code.

What will you gain?


Automated Machine Learning

Manually finding the right algorithm and tuning it to fit your dataset, well is a challenging task. Mateverse's proprietary Machine Learning technology automates the algorithm selection and hyperparameter optimization on algorithms ranging from Classical Scikit algos to complex Time series algorithms like ARIMA and XG-Boost to even Deep Learning. Just put this on Auto-Pilot, so you can focus on things that matter.


Automated Data Cleaning

Data Cleaning has been long unsolved challenge which has plagued the Data Science and Analytics industry. Data Scientists spend innumerous hours in preparing their data for modelling. After months of efforts we have come up with a technology which automates Outlier Detection and Treatment and Missing Value Treatment. Mateverse helps Data Scientists and Analysts achieve this with a click of a button.


Programmatic Analytics and Dashboard

Data Science teams work night and day to bring useful insights to their business teams in the form of dashboards. But most of the time the study behind them are so complex that with so many attributes controlling the end forecast/analysis that those dashboards end up becoming a visualization and not something that they can play around with. With Mateverse 1.0 Analysts and Scientists will be able to create complex models with interactive visualizations.

How does it work?

Connect your Database

Mateverse v1.0 supports multiple types of SQL databases. You can easily integrate a Database and port it into Mateverse environment as the Data Admin. Post integration, make your team and assign roles right inside the Mateverse environment.

Data Preparation

Mateverse v1.0 provides graphical interface for you to apply sophisticated SQL queries like Data Tabel Join, Data Formatting, Hybrid features, Data Transorfmation and many more.

Train Predictive Models in Minutes

With a click of a button, you can get your Predictive Models trained in minutes, without having to go through the hassle of Hyperparameter Optimization or even feature Engineering.


With Mateverse, there’s a package for every need and a price for every budget. In fact, there’s even a FREE option for you to start using immediately! Feel free to start browsing our packages below. When you’re ready to experience the Mateverse difference for yourself, just say the word

Enterprise/Team (Edition)

For seasoned data Analysts/Scientists

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Machine Learning

  • Auto + Configurable Feature Selection
  • Auto Hybrid Feature Synthesis
  • Auto Algorithm selection
  • Auto Hyperparameter Optimization
  • Configurable and Assistive Ensemble Modelling
  • Auto + Configurable Complex Pipeline

Data Preprocessing

  • Auto + Configurable Data Cleaning
  • Auto + Configurable Data Formatting
  • Auto + Configurable Outlier Detection Treatment
  • Auto + Configurable Missing Value Treatment

Predictive Analytics Support

  • Auto + Configurable Classification
  • Auto + Configurable Regression
  • Auto + Configurable Time-Series


  • 80+ Visualizations
  • Real-time Dashboards
  • Real-time Geographical Maps
  • ML Assisted Visualizations

ETL Support

  • Supports Big data (HDF, Hive, Presto, BigQuery, Teradata)
  • Supports 30+ Databases
  • CSV Support
  • Excel

Access Management

  • Multi User
  • Role based user authentication options
  • Project based authentication
  • Concurrent user support
  • Platform Accessibility

Dev-Ops Support

  • Unlimited API's
  • Unlimited Memeory Upgradation
  • Dedicated GPU server support
  • Dedicated Message Queues
  • Dedicated Model deployment services


  • SSL secured deployment
  • On Demand PCI, DSS compliacne support
  • On Demand HIPPA Compliance Support

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